Model, Ship

Object ID
Communication Artifacts, Documentary Artifact
wood; string; copper
Three-masted sailing ship. Fully rigged, sails not set. Masts, booms, yards, bowsprit and deck in natural wood finish. Tops and yardarms, tip of bowsprit are painted white as are the gunwales. Rigging is black thread, copper wire, wooden blocks painted black and left in natural finish. Entrance to cabin painted blue and white, hatch covers painted blue, wheel stand blue and white, hatch covers painted brown, handles painted white, located behind aft mast. Winch located in front of main, painted red and white. Ship's bell painted silver and hangs from forward mast. Binnacle stand painted gold located near ship's wheel. Ship's name printed in gold block letters, gold scroll around name. Metal anchors painted black hanging from both sides of bow. The rudder is hinged and moveable. Hull colours are brown, bottom white, red waterline stripe.
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