Half Model, Ship

Object ID
Communication Artifacts, Documentary Artifact
wood; metal; glass

Builder's half-model, single funnel, twin-screw (only one showing), three lifeboats showing, metal and wood railings. Bridge cabin finished in natural mahogany. The davits, ventilation funnels, propellers, winches are brass. Has natural deck finish. Hull colours are white and black, red bottom. The model is mounted on a mirrored backing plate.

Model in own oak case. Case has four dowels in the corners; the front dowels have spindles on them. On the top of the case there are two viewing windows. The sides of the case are enclosed in wood. The front in glass. The case measurements are 147.3cm. long, 21.2cm. wide, 52cm. high. Identification and Specification plate in foreground of case which reads: "VENTURE / DIMENSIONS/ 180' - 0" B.P. 98" - L/ 8" - W/ 20" - H

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