Miniature Kisbee Ring, Commemorative

S.S. Venture
Object ID
Communication Artifacts, Documentary Artifact
Wood; paint; string; tape

A miniature kisbee ring souvenir painting. The "kisbee ring" is painted white and in the centre of the object a ship is painted (most likely the Venture ). The ship depicted is underway and facing to the right of the kisbee ring "frame". An artist signature, (J Hardcastle), is painted on the bottom left side of painting in white. On the kisbee ring, a red flag with a blue "X" is painted on the left and right sections. On the top section it reads "S.S VENTURE" and on the bottom section it reads "VANCOUVER B.C.". A length of string, longer than the circumference of the kisbee ring, is taped in four places with white tape

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SS Venture (IV)
Related person/organization
created by: Hardcastle, Jack W.