Coquitlam (II)

Other Names
ex: Walmer Castle (H.M.S.)
ex: Leaside (H.M.C.S.)
later: Glacier Queen (I)
Vessel Type
Passenger vessel » coastal
Converted From
Naval » Corvette » Castle-class corvette
Ship Dates
Date built: 1944
End date: January 19 1979
Vessel Description

HMS Walmer Castle was a Castle-class corvette constructed for the British Royal Navy during the Second World War. Before completion, the ship was transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy and renamed HMCS Leaside. The corvette was used as an ocean convoy escort during the war and was sold for mercantile use following it. The ship was purchased for use as a passenger ship and renamed Coquitlam (II), then in 1950, Glacier Queen. In 1970 Glacier Queen was acquired for use as a floating hotel in Alaska. The ship sank in 1978 and was raised and scuttled in Alaskan waters in 1979.

Source: Wikipedia: HMS Walmer Castle (K405)

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This is a sternwheeler, definitely not a castle class corvette.Janet Thornton, 10/23/2020
Thank you Janet! I believe the image you were referring to (LM2017.999.009) had the wrong file attached. It has now been corrected.Archives Staff, 10/29/2020