MV Lady Rose (I)

Other Names
ex: Lady Sylvia (I)
later: Lady Rose (R.C.A.S.C)
Vessel Type
Passenger vessel
Ship Date
Date built: 1937
Vessel Description

MV Lady Rose is a small, single-screw, diesel coastal vessel, which operated on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Originally a Union Steamship Company of British Columbia vessel, she was the smallest ship ever custom ordered for them. She was built 1937 at A. & J. Inglis in Glasgow and originally christened Lady Sylvia when launched in 1937. Lady Rose was intended for the use on Barkley Sound.

She was designed for the sheltered coastal waters of British Columbia. However, this was the first diesel powered vessel to cross the Atlantic driven by a single propeller. She is the last survivor of the USS fleet. She operated on routes between Port Alberni, Bamfield and Ucluelet, all near or on Barkley Sound. During WWII she was operated by the Pacific Command Water Transport Company of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps.

In 1951 Union Steamship sold Lady Rose to Harbour Navigation Company. Later owned by Lady Rose Marine Services, she remained a vital cargo link to Bamfield until the beginning of the 21st century, although her primary cargo has always been passengers, as she was built as a day-tripper for Union Steamship. In 2012 she was moored in Tofino at Jamie’s Whaling Station where she awaited restoration.

Lady Rose was acquired by the Clayton family of Sechelt in September 2019 and she was relocated to the MacKenzie Marina in Sechelt soon thereafter. Restoration plans are still being formulated (2020).


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