SS Lady Cecilia

Other Names
ex: HMS Swindon
Vessel Type
Passenger vessel » coastal
Converted From
Naval » Royal Navy » Minesweeper
Ship Dates
Launched: December 25 1918
End date: 1952
Owner or managing owner(s)
Royal Navy
Union Steamship Company
Vessel Description

HMS Swindon was a Hunt-class minesweeper of the Aberdare sub-class built for the Royal Navy during World War I. She was not finished in time to participate in the First World War and was sold into civilian service in 1921. Swindon was renamed from HMS Bantry in 1918 to avoid any conflict between the vessel name and a coastal location. In 1921 she was sold off and converted to a coastal passenger/freight steamer SS Lady Cecilia by the Coaster Construction Co. of Montrose, Scotland for the Union Steamship Co. of British Columbia. She was laid up and sold to Coast Ferries in 1951, then scrapped at Gambier Island, BC in 1952.

Source: Wikipedia: HMS Swindon (1918)

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