SS Lady Cynthia

Other Names
ex: HMS Barnstaple
Vessel Type
Passenger vessel » coastal
Converted From
Naval » Minesweeper
Ship Dates
Launched: March 20 1919
End date: 1957
Owner or managing owner(s)
Royal Navy
Union Steamship Company
Vessel Description

Lady Cynthia was a steel-hulled passenger ship converted from a minesweeper, (formerly HMS Barnstaple), which served in the coastal waters of British Columbia from 1925 to 1957. Lady Cynthia was a sistership to Lady Cecilia, also a converted minesweeper. The ship was generally referred to as the Cynthia while in service.

Lady Cynthia was originally built in 1919 as a Hunt class minesweeper and served with the Royal Navy as HMS Barnstaple. The navy sold the minesweeper in 1924, and it was purchased by the Union Steamship Company of British Columbia. The vessel was reconstructed at the shipyard of Coaster Construction Co., under the management of W.D. McLaren, in Montrose, Scotland. An upper deck was added, and to maintain the ship's stability, sponsons were added on each side of the hull. The sponsons reduced the maximum speed of the ship from 19 to 15 knots. The rebuilt ship had two funnels but the rear funnel was a dummy, added for appearance only.

In 1956, the Pacific Great Eastern Railway completed a rail link from Squamish to North Vancouver, and there was no further need for the marine connection with the railway which had once been served by Lady Cynthia.

Lady Cynthia was withdrawn from service and partially dismantled in Vancouver. The hull was sold to Glazer and Sternoff Metals, a Seattle scrap metal concern. On October 3, 1957, the hull was towed out of Vancouver harbor bound for Seattle to be scrapped.

Source: Wikipedia: Lady Cynthia

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