<i>Lady Evelyn</i> underway
Lady Evelyn underway

Lady Evelyn

Other Names
ex: Deerhound
Vessel Type
Passenger vessel » coastal
Converted From
Naval » Patrol boat
Ship Dates
Launched: 1901
End date: 1936
Vessel Description

Built by John Jones and Sons in Tranmere, U.K, for a Blackpool firm and originally named Deerhound, she was acquired and renamed by the Postmaster-General's department in 1907. Lady Evelyn's new function was to meet transatlantic mail steamers in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and take off the mail for transfer to trains. She was commissioned in the RCN as a patrol vessel from Jun 1917 to 1919, and survived in commercial service on the west coast until shortly before the Second World War. Her armament was 1-12pdr gun. The Howe Sound Navigation Co. brought the screw steamer Lady Evelyn a former Canadian mail packet on the St. Lawrence, to Vancouver in 1921 for operation with Brittania. In 1923 she was bought by the Union Steamship Company of British Columbia and remained with them until 1936, when she was scrapped.


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